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Forbes Hall Expansion Project Update:

The Postponed Concrete Pour has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd.  Please be aware that seven concrete trucks, plus the pumper truck, will be traveling to and from Thetis starting at 7:15AM and throughout the day.

Good News!The Structural Connectors, which have created significant hold-ups to the project, are due to arrive on island on Wednesday, September 25.  

Did you know?   

The original request for the kitchen was that it would be at least 1.5 times bigger than the original, to allow for safe access for workers, and some additional work & appliance space. A beverage “closet” had also been asked for, which was given approximately 65 sq ft in early plans.  With reconfigurations needed to keep the project within its maximum square footage, the kitchen lost some of that hoped-for-increase, so it will now stand at 1.4 times larger.  However, we were able to create a larger space for the beverage station, which will accommodate a large part of the kitchen’s duties, as well as food & beverage service.  It is also large enough to use the original kitchen cabinetry, including one of the sinks, the sanitizer, and a fridge.  It has a service window directly into the new Multi-Purpose Room.  

The total food and beverage kitchen/service areas will now be 2.15 times bigger than the original kitchen. 

More space for more volunteers to create food for our island gatherings! 

We want to thank our intern, “Shirlee”, for the fun project updates she provided this summer. 

For information on the Forbes Hall Expansion, please feel free to call me: 250-246-4079 or email

Ann Dickie

Build Contact & Co-Chair Forbes Hall Expansion & Upgrade Committee 

Note: “Stripped to the Studs” & “Shirlee” were created and written by the Forbes Hall Expansion & Upgrade Committee to help lighten our heavy load.  We hope you enjoyed it.


Stripped to the Studs! 



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Stripped to the Studs!


Fundraising Update: July 24, 2019