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The Milkman is Coming!

Jollity & Habitat Farms have formed a new friendship with the family behind Cowichan Milk. This 4th generation family farm in Cobble Hill, will be the first on Vancouver Island to supply their single origin milk in reusable glass bottle by delivery.

A full range of product will be available starting with: 

3.8% M.F. Cream Top - 1.89 L and 946 ml

3.8% M.F. Homogenized - 1.89 L / 946 ml / 473 ml

2% M.F. Homogenized - 1.89 L / 946 ml / 473 ml

10% M.F. Half & Half Cream - 473 ml

3.8% M.F. Chocolate Milk - 946ml / 473 ml

Fresh milk will be available at the Jollity Farm Shop for 'subscribers' (Wed & Sat). Purchasing local, glass bottled milk is an excellent option for the environment, for a number of reasons:

Bulk buying/group purchasing means less individual trips to a grocery store.

We will supply the Cowichan Milk farm shop with our cured meat products, so our trips are dual purpose and therefore efficient.

Milk does not travel across Canada to be combined in a bulk vats only to be redistributed back across Canada again.

Reusable glass bottles are better storage option for preserving the quality of milk and only the cap gets recycled.

You are helping to support the local food economy ensuring protection of agricultural lands and farming traditions.

Benefits of single origin milk from a small local family farm:

Cows are raised in a top of the line facility with loving care (subscribers will be invited for a tour of the farm)

Cows have access to grass pasture and fed with hays from the family farm.

Cows have access to a robot milker and automatic grooming stations so they are always comfortable and content.

Cows have been carefully bred to produce milk with A2 proteins resulting in better digestibility.

Single origin local milk (not bulk vat blended from many farms) means it is fresh, safe and traceable.

Milk is NOT UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) and safely pasteurized at the lowest heat allowed by CIFA (food safety agency) for highest quality.

In order that this be a sustainable venture, we need enough regular subscribers to make it work. Pricing will depend upon the number of subscribers, as the larger order we have, the better the price will be. For example, price will be similar to cost of organic milk from the grocery store.

This is a request for an expression of interest, so please contact us to let us know you would like regular fresh milk, and/or if you have any questions:

Elisabeth & Noah -

or 250.416.6736.

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