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Thetis Island Marina

Sunday, August 4th 



by invite only

Saturday, July 27

Thursday, August 8 ~ Saturday, August 17

Public Session ~ Saturday, August 24


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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
Thetis Island Community Fund
Thetis Island Community Association

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Feel free to send us bits & pieces of information and interest, photos to share and notices of upcoming events etc.

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Thetis Island Marina & Pub Presents - Nice Verdes

Wednesday Night ~ July 10 - beginning at 7:30 pm!

Nice Verdes have been performing since first meeting in 2003. They have extensively toured Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala. 

Their music is refreshing, uplifting and sunny original indie world. They have always been drawn to collaborating with artists from all countries and they enjoy most of all the parties and festivals that celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.  


WASP Wildlife Protection Sprinkler Kit

One of the people that ordered a WASP wildfire protection sprinkler Kit for their roof was given one as a gift just before the order arrived. 

So there is one kit available to purchase at the fire hall now. 

$175 includes the taxes and shipping to Thetis. 

Please email if interested.



Rare Book Event at Thetis Island Marina Monday ~ July 8th, 2019 

9AM- 2PM 

Antiquarian and art and maritime books, a vintage Alice in Wonderland Collection, a whole box of older Hemingway, another of Charles Dickens, Quotations from Mao Tse-Tung, Love Poems of Lord Byron in Calf, Group of Seven by Thoreau Macdonald with a Lawren Harris tipped in, box of Haig-Brown the BC conservationist, Cookbooks to 1930, 2 boxes of art books, a ration book circa 1945, RCMP quarterlies, Conan comics, and a complete collection of rare Saltspring Island histories including Once Upon an Island And One Man's Island By David Conover who “discovered” Marilyn Monroe. CD of Kuper Island residential school survivors testimony, Thetis Island naval history (when the British lost). Also Pig War island And the history of the Black settlers on the island who were sponsored by Governor Douglas. Also as recorded by Franz Boas with First Nations elders over 100 years ago, ancient aboriginal recipes for 100s of seafood and fish and indigenous plants known to few people today.

Sometimes rare books end up in small towns and islands and I will give a generous trade to you or the seniors’ center if you can bring me Cree or Blackfoot or Dene etc. First Nations books or maybe a whole collection of British books over 100 years old that the young people buy from me at my Christmas bookstall near City Hall in Vancouver. 

David Ellis The Roving Bookseller Now First Nations Libraries Ltd


Thetis Island Community Church

Thetis Island Community church has been invited to join with Pioneer Pacific Camp church service on Sunday. The speaker is Bob Rich former police chief from Abbotsford.His wife will be leading the worship music.

Everyone is welcome and service starts at 10 am in the chapel at Pioneer. 



Canning Jars and Egg Cartons Wanted

Looking for all sizes of canning jars and lids, also egg cartons! 

Emily @ - I can pick up!


Local Pit Run

I need about 2-3 dump truck loads of local Thetis Island pit run.

Let me know the cost and availability

265 Forbes Rd
Jay at 694-861-1734


Bring Your Own Salad Bag!

We've got tons of beautiful fresh salad greens to harvest for you today, but unfortunately ran out of bags. If possible, please bring a reusable plastic container, cloth or plastic bag for your salads.

Thank you!

Elisabeth & Noah


Nature House ~ Saturday, July 6

Today at the Nature House: Electric Transport!

From 1 to 4 PM, drop by the Nature House to have a look at over six different electric vehicles, including cars, bicycles and carts! This is a great opportunity to chat to the owners and learn more about green transport.


What's Fresh @ jollity FARM?

Open Saturday 10am-1pm

New this week... we welcome Emily & Ryan to our Thetis Island farm co-operative! Emily & Ryan are raising food on their new 9 acre farm and you can look forward to some of their products at the Jollity Farm Shop.  

This week: 

Fresh, handmade salad dressings to go with your Jollity salad greens. 

Lemon Herb Vinaigrette or Raspberry Tamarind Vinaigrette

All ingredients are certified organic and fresh herbs grown without chemicals on Thetis Island. 

$6/ 250 ml jar or $5 if you bring your own mason jar in trade. 

*Please pre-order salad & salad dressing so you don't miss out - or 250.416.6736 

Also available: 


Free Range Eggs

Sausages from our rare breed pastured raised pigs

Salami, Paleo Butter and Pepperoni

Plant Sale

Hakurei Turnips



Chemainus Street Market

The Giant Street Market in Chemainus is this Saturday, July 6th, featuring Strawberry Shortcake and Tea in the gardens at St. Michael and All Angels for just $7 as well as an enormous garage sale in the basement of the United Church.

Director Saltair Community Centre Society Inc.

Lia Versaevel  ><((((º>


Items for Sale & Free

Electric Fret Scroll saw - Price is Donation to TICA for new Community Centre

Rex-Cut built-in Shopvac - Price is Donation to TICA for new Community Centre

Router with many bits - Price is Donation to TICA for new Community Centre

Antique cedar chest - Price is Donation to TICA for new Community Centre 


Side table

Garden hose & Roll-up unit

Numerous other small items

Flat screen TV

Desk chair


Small heater


Gord Carncross

25 Bella Vista Road



Free: Sub Woofer

Dr Crankenstein 12 inch subwoofer speaker

In good working condition.  It is housed in a black box 28 inches long by 11 inches wide and 14 inches high. 

250 246 9331  or

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