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Send us any information you would like to share, or have discussed, regarding the Telus Cell Tower Proposal.

Please note: Comments are not directly enabled.  Please submit comments, letters, etc via editor@thetisposts.ca

Editor's Note:

At this time, the proposal is for the tower.  However, it will be providing either 3G or perhaps 4G Cell Network capabilities to align with towers currently operating in the region.

Please read the proposal, view the mapping & graphics, and most importantly, download, complete, and send in the comment form.

Provided Links:

Click here to view Telus proposal.

Click here to view Telus graphics & comment sheet.

Click here to view Telus mapping.


Radiocommunication Act

CPC-2-0-03 — Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems

Research on Radiofrequency Energy and Health

Safety of cell phones and cell phone towers

Safety Code 6: Health Canada's Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines


TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Virginia Lamb

I for one would like to see the vastly improved service this would provide our Island.

I add the American cancer society’s take on the risks of cell towers and phones.  I found it quite informative.

Virginia Lamb



Thanks for that Virginia. Finally a link to a great article from a credible source.

William Golley


Written words on the wall of the waiting room in the Calgary Cross Cancer Clinic suggest that if you live to be 90, there is a 50 percent chance you will contract cancer from natural exposure to radiation, few cosmic rays, x-rays, mostly UV rays, which the earth has built an ozone layer to protect us from. Microwave are one order below UV rays on the radiation spectrum, sure a milder dose, but nevertheless incremental. You do the math.

Denis Gagnon


OK Denis. Let’s do the math. Microwaves are in the region of 3 gigahertz. Or 3 billion cycles per second. Near UV starts at around 300 terahertz or 300 trillion cycles per second. Tera is one thousand times giga and 300 is of course 100 times times 3 so UV has a frequency that is 100,000 times higher than microwaves. Or using your terms 5 orders more, not one. Even the new 5g frequencies are only 10 times higher than microwaves (4g) so 4 orders in that case. Assuming an order means a factor of 10 times of course. It seems we have a long way to go before we encounter the ionizing frequencies listed by the cancer center. Visible light falls across the Near UV band. Should we be fearing visible light now?

William Golley


According to the Cross Cancer Clinic, YES!

Denis Gagnon


I believe and I do hope that democracy will win in the end. That said I am mystified by concerns that the community plan has been violated or that this is happening without our consultation.

Clearly TELUS is taking the first baby steps here firstly by announcing the project and then asking for input.

To my knowledge no construction or property modifications have taken place. Certainly a zoning modification has to be proposed and approved as well.  The tower is in the far future and we will have ample time to prepare arguments both anti and pro. 

William Golley


TCTP Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Dawn Gordon

Hello Thetis Island Blog Moderator: 

I am respectfully requesting that you post the link to this site or the attached document on the harmful effects of EMF. 


Martin Pall PHD Document

I am horrified by this divisive issue that will spoil the tranquil nature of our island and our friendships.  And I am horrified with the thought of a tower less than 1 km from my home.  I left the field of computers, I was a systems technician for FortisBC (then WKP and Utilicorp), when the EMF's from working with and around so many computers continually had exhausted my spirit and my body, and for the last 20 years I have studied how to become well naturally.  

I literally cry in the morning to see how far we have come from real food, real connection to the land, to each other and the ability to take responsibility for our own actions and purchases each and every day.

I do not like controversy, but here I go anyway.  I am against every aspect of this and yes I have enjoyed the convenience of a cell phone and I am now seriously questioning owning one, thinking of connecting my old fashioned wired phone again and removing my wireless modem.  Yes unfortunately I allowed a SMART meter, but I did not know then what I believe I know today.

This is the most frightening technological advance ever made against humanity.  Life will change on planet earth in ways we can't even imagine. No wonder they made us read George Orwell's book 1984 in school.  Seems it was more than a novel... 

I hope you all take some time to look past the daily convenience of your cell phone - look at the very real dangers of rolling out a completely untested system, look at what the muzzled scientist are saying, look at what the brave, courageous doctors that speak out.   

I think you now know where I stand and I encourage anyone who cares about your children and grand children's health and well being to say no to this new technology.  Faster is not always better.

Dawn Gordon, RYT, CHHP




TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Maureen Loiselle

I will begin by expressing my appreciation for everyone who chooses to engage in the decision making processes on Thetis. A diversity of opinion is essential for a healthy community and we must work together to find solutions . Your involvement is what makes Thetis so vibrant. Hang in there as we bat this thing around and remember to hug your neighbour. 

Telus is obliged by ISED Canada "to consult with the local municipality and general public regarding new wireless installations." To consult is to 1) have regard and consideration for ; 2) to ask the advice or opinion of ; 3) to deliberate together . Telus did not consult with Thetis. They held an information session to sell their product, which will be primarily for their economic benefit.  We were told what was being proposed, with different information given to the same questions depending on who you were speaking with. Concerns were brushed aside without supporting evidence. Safety issues were relegated to Health Canada who gave us thalidomide babies and 3 years of HIV in the blood supply before notification. There was no opportunity for dialogue or shared deliberation. We were unable to share our concerns with one another. It was a sales pitch that rankled anyone not hungry for the bait.

Our community plan has been violated, placing a commercial use in a rural residential zone. Even a new driveway requires the green light of our APC . What is going on? We need some answers. We are being asked to give our approval of a structure without knowing what it will look like, as the "proposed design is subject to change based on the final engineers plans". I wonder how many commercial carriers will be hanging hardware on this tower and how that will affect the RF to which we will be exposed. One representative informed me that 5G was a definite in the near future and even 6 or 7 as advancements come. ISED warns us that AM, FM, TV, and all electronic equipment will be affected within 2 km. of a cell tower. Given the location, that will be most of us: radio static, power interruptions, etc. Is that what we want? Then there are health issues and environmental concerns that cannot be denied - even if they are ignored! And cell towers are a fire hazard : a fact, not an opinion. 

So, in my opinion, WE HAVE NOT BEEN CONSULTED and Telus has failed to deliver on the mandate it was given by ISED.

If democracy still exists, we need to have a community meeting and vote on this issue.


Maureen Loiselle


TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Arthur Gooding

This tower was proposed to improve communications on Thetis Island for response to fire and natural disasters.
A plus is improving communications for Thetis Islanders, allowing some to work from home.  
Better communications will attract younger families, which will give us younger personnel in our Fire Department.  And a side effect will be our phones not having to blast as powerful an RF signal into our head while trying to reach a tower.
Personally, before rejecting this, I would like to see a public vote on it.
I wonder what the outrage was when Hydro and Telephone was proposed for Thetis?  
Arthur Gooding



TCTP: Contribution to the Discussion: Tim French

I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Look at the positive side. We get a tower! All the great places have a tower What would Toronto be without the CN? Paris, Calgary and let's not forget Pisa… Ours will become a beacon leading lost mariners to safe harbour and a “welcoming” community… 

What are a few extra radio waves in the soup out there already? (Elon has already added a new pot without our permission) We are a hearty lot who welcome adventure and adversity as long as it comes with the opportunity for a good argument! This new structure is the perfect place for digitally controlled LEDs, (oh… not more technology) a kind of light show on the tower, similar to the display of various artists works displayed on the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Bridge. Oh what silliness!

I applaud those forward thinkers who have the courage and thick skin to push through infrastructure projects.

I am among those who support the cell tower installation. Damn the EMF – full speed ahead!

Tim French