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Noisy Shield-Back Katydid

Hello ~

My name is Jennifer Heron and I'm writing a national status report for the Noisy Shield-back Katydid. This insect looks like a grasshopper/cricket and you'll probably notice it's loud song before you see the katydid. The males call during the day and start with a chirp chirp and then builds to a series of short rasping chirps; starting with a few notes per second but quickly increases the speed to a rapid flutter which is kept up for a long period.

There is a very old record (before 1920) of the Katydid on Thetis Island, and because the habitat on the island is not as urban/agricultural impacted as other areas on southeastern Vancouver Island, I'm hoping there may be a chance someone could have heard the species. It's unlike a cicada though, which is a very loud and constant bzzzzzzz in the tree tops.

Any information is most welcome, or advice from someone keen on iNaturalist or looking for insects/plants.

Thanks for your time,

Jennifer Heron 

 BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

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