Late August Sunset ~ Keith Rush

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ThINC Marine Birds 

Oct 20 2019


Flu Shot Clinic

Nov 6 at the Firehall


ThINC Mycologist, Mushrooms

Nov 6 2019


APC: Volunteer Position - Get Involved in Local Planning Decisions

Click here for more information: deadline Sept. 20/19

Forbes Hall Expansion

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Forbes Hall Expansion Donations

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Capernwray Busy Ferry Schedule

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Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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Who's Who of Thetis Pets Registry

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
Thetis Island Community Fund
Thetis Island Community Association

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Feel free to send us bits & pieces of information and interest, photos to share and notices of upcoming events etc.

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Forbes Hall Expansion Project Update:

The Postponed Concrete Pour has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd.  Please be aware that seven concrete trucks, plus the pumper truck, will be traveling to and from Thetis starting at 7:15AM and throughout the day. 

Good News!The Structural Connectors, which have created significant hold-ups to the project, are due to arrive on island on Wednesday, September 25.   

Did you know?  

The original request for the kitchen was that it would be at least 1.5 times bigger than the original, to allow for safe access for workers, and some additional work & appliance space. A beverage “closet” had also been asked for, which was given approximately 65 sq ft in early plans.  With reconfigurations needed to keep the project within its maximum square footage, the kitchen lost some of that hoped-for-increase, so it will now stand at 1.4 times larger.  However, we were able to create a larger space for the beverage station, which will accommodate a large part of the kitchen’s duties, as well as food & beverage service.  It is also large enough to use the original kitchen cabinetry, including one of the sinks, the sanitizer, and a fridge.  It has a service window directly into the new Multi-Purpose Room.  

The total food and beverage kitchen/service areas will now be 2.15 times bigger than the original kitchen. 

More space for more volunteers to create food for our island gatherings! 

We want to thank our intern, “Shirlee”, for the fun project updates she provided this summer.  

For information on the Forbes Hall Expansion, please feel free to call me: 250-246-4079 or email

Ann Dickie

Build Contact & Co-Chair Forbes Hall Expansion & Upgrade Committee

Note: “Stripped to the Studs” & “Shirlee” were created and written by the Forbes Hall Expansion & Upgrade Committee to help lighten our heavy load.  We hope you enjoyed it.


Thetis Island Community Church

Norm Nicholson from Victoria will be speaking at Thetis Island Community Church this Sunday.

Service starts at 10am and everyone is welcome. 



Thetis Island Marina Propane

Propane is temporarily out of service, with our apologies for any inconvenience.  

Will let everyone know when it is up and running again.


Thetis Island Elementary School


Thetis Island Elementary School is expanding their kitchen and we are looking for the following donations: Large and small saucepans, small spoons, blender, & a mixer. 


October 21st from 9:00 am to 9:45: We will be having the DEAR Event (Drop Everything and Read) again this year.  DEAR happens all over the province.  We are inviting community members to come and read with our students at Thetis Island Elementary School. Please drop by the school on the 21st of October.  

Beach Walk:

Thetis Island Elementary students are doing a “Beach clean-up” on Tuesday September 24th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Parents and Community members are invited to join us. We will start on the Capernwray beach. Bring your containers for garbage. 

Genny Redman 

Teacher: Thetis Island Elementary School 


Loan of Tent for Get Fresh Market?

Hello Market Vendors... does anyone have a market tent we could borrow this coming Sunday?

We are hosting a food & farm market at Sea Cider in Saanich this Sunday

(tell your friends & family!)

While much of the market is under cover, rains are expected to continue and we'd like to offer a friend some extra protection for her wonderful foraged fruit & vegetable based ink paintings.

Contact Elisabeth at or 250.416.6736


Borrowed Yoga Blocks: Please Return

At the end of the summer session someone borrowed 2 teal yoga blocks and I need them back.

I forgot to write down who borrowed them and cannot remember...

If you have the blocks please contact me to make arrangements to return them as we need them for yoga classes this fall.

Thank you,



Annual Flu Shot Clinic

Please mark your November calendar for Nov. 6th, Wednesday morning, for the Annual TIVFD Community Flu Shot Clinic.  Because Forbes Hall won’t be completed by then, the Clinic will be held at the Firehall on Mission Road.  The VIHA nurses will arrive on the 9:15 ferry and must leave on the 11:10.  We are all pretty efficient now for being ready, and we have asked VIHA to send us those stickers to fill out and the info sheets to read before they arrive.

The TIVFD Auxiliary will once again be putting on the post-Shot coffee service for you to enjoy as you recuperate.  This year there is no flu mist available and children over 6 months of age will have to be vaccinated the same as adults. The vaccine is a trivalent inactivated vaccine for the influenza strains forecast to be the most prevalent in the coming months.

We will remind you again in October but it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you won’t forget.



Next Veterinary Visit ~ October 2nd

The next Veterinary visit will be on Wednesday, October 2nd.

For an appointment please contact Dr Martin Randle in 250 436 0045 

or email


Free Sliding Glass Doors

Patio sliding glass doors and screen.  All in perfect condition.  

Will deliver to your property if you help me load them into my truck.


Please email me at


Busy Ferry Notice

Just a quick note to let Islanders know that in addition to Capernwray’s busy arrival of students on Friday (September 20), Pioneer Pacific will also have 85 guests arriving in private cars, spread between the 4:00 ferry and the 5:35 ferry.  

Those 85 guests will then be departing Sunday afternoon (September 22) on scattered afternoon ferry’s. 

Thanks for your patience!

Andrea Gall

Pioneer Pacific


Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Despite the shorter grey days our Habitat co-op chickens are laying eggs like crazy.
Get your Thetis Island free-range, non-GMO fed, heritage breed, multi-coloured eggs daily at the Jollity Farm shop.

1 doz for $6
2 doz for $10

Wowee... what a deal! Bake those cookies, pickle & preserve, make a quiche or flan, enjoy super nutritious local eggs!
To be guaranteed of a regular weekly order, please sign up and your eggs will be labeled and ready for you on chosen day.
Join the egg list at or text/phone 250.415.0101.


Soup's On Notice

A number of people have been asking about Soup's On.

We are sorry that we are not able to have this service available at the moment, but are looking forward to providing the community with great Soup's On lunches when the hall reopens in early 2020.

Many thanks
Shirley and Don

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